Video: Robotic Welding Arm Installation

A robotic welding cell is installed in a welding lab.
Editorial Staff | August 23, 2018

In this video, you will see our experts conducting an installation of a robotic welding cell in a welding lab environment. The installation highlights important features of the welding cell and key considerations to ensure a successful installation.

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Nathan Moyer, Regional Automation Sales Manager at Airgas

Nathan is a Regional Automation Sales Manager at Airgas and has worked with a wide variety of metal fabrication facilities covering many processes, materials, filler metals, gases and equipment over his 19-year career. His experience also covers many levels of automated cutting and welding applications and various welding codes. Nathan has a passion to increase weld quality and thus increase productivity while lowering costs for his clients.

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3 years ago

Cool, video of the setup process. Automation is the relevant now and is the future of most industries