Video: Why Gamers Should Weld

Editorial Staff | May 2, 2018

A quest of epic proportions reveals itself to you, fervent gaming enthusiast.

The workforce is in peril: For every leader who joins, five retire. Armed with automation controllers and a love for simple yet complex jobs, you are the key to restoring peace in the kingdom. Will you join the ranks of welders around the world and become the hero the industry needs?

Airgas Thinks explores why good gamers make great welders.

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Rob Tessier is Airgas’ National Director of Advanced Fabrication Technologies. A 32-year Airgas veteran, Rob has an unmatched understanding of automation, welding applications and related shielding gases. As the forerunner of Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis, he leverages his unique knowledge base—along with his devotion to analytical processes—to help operations all across the country be more efficient and more competitive.

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