What’s That Sound? It’s Not a Leaking Regulator.

Image of lab equipped with compressed gas cylinders featuring cylinder regulators.
Editorial Staff | September 19, 2017

Unexpected sounds can make the mind wander—sometimes to irrational places. Bump in the night or leaking regulator? Must be monsters. Rustling in the bushes? Snakes (obviously).

When it comes to your lab’s gas equipment and gas delivery systems, some sounds draw more concern than others. If you ever hear an unwelcome high-pitched sound coming from your regulator, it could be a leaking regulator, or it could be something else altogether. Want to know the difference?

Find out whether or not you have a leak in your system with a little help from Matthew Paradiso, Product Manager for Specialty Gas Equipment with Airgas, an Air Liquide company.

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As an Airgas Product Manager for Specialty Gas Equipment, Matthew applies 23 years experience to customer gas-handling equipment challenges—especially those relating to the environmental and semiconductor fields. In addition to overseeing multiple Airgas equipment facilities, Matthew manages the product line for the Airgas Specialty Gas Equipment Catalog and provides specialty gas equipment training for Airgas associates.