Video: Why Musicians Should Weld

A split screen depicting a guitarist performing on stage next to a welder working attentively—representing the idea that musicians should weld.
Editorial Staff | September 16, 2019

Maybe you’re a little bit country. Maybe you’re a little bit rock n’roll. Either way, if you’re a musician, you should 100% consider a career in welding, and Rob Tessier wants to tell you why.

As Airgas’ National Director of Advanced Fabrication Technologies, Tessier has spent over 30 years getting to know welding and the people who do it. So it’s safe to say he has a strong idea of which interests and qualities lend themselves to success in the trade—and musicians fit the bill. So for a moment, swap out your guitar for a MIG gun and see what Tessier has to say.

Watch the video below to learn why musicians make great welders, and which genres are ideal soundtracks for common weld processes.

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Rob Tessier is Airgas’ National Director of Advanced Fabrication Technologies. A 32-year Airgas veteran, Rob has an unmatched understanding of automation, welding applications and related shielding gases. As the forerunner of Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis, he leverages his unique knowledge base—along with his devotion to analytical processes—to help operations all across the country be more efficient and more competitive.

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Shaun Bairstow
Shaun Bairstow
11 months ago

Love the video Rob, a great way of thinking about it and very true, just not as many groupies in welding!!
Hope you’re keeping well Rob,

Chris Lowrie
Chris Lowrie
11 months ago

It’s like that. It’s just like that!

2 months ago

I think junior college weld instructors that teach welding courses should use this as a example to their students ! Great video, Rob !