Regu-longer: Extend Your Specialty Gas Regulator’s Lifespan

Editorial Staff | January 18, 2018

Whether you’ve got a ‘65 Chevy or a Commodore 64, it can be pretty satisfying to keep old equipment running long past its expected lifespan. That kind of satisfaction, however, isn’t possible without routine inspection and maintenance.

For laboratories looking to get more mileage out of their specialty gas regulators, the same rules apply. But what kind of maintenance should you be doing?

Matthew Paradiso, Airgas Product Manager for Specialty Gas Equipment, has the answers. In a detailed breakdown originally published for Clean Peaks, he explains the importance of regulator maintenance, the signs of gauge and diaphragm failure and what you can do to avoid them.

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As an Airgas Product Manager for Specialty Gas Equipment, Matthew applies 23 years experience to customer gas-handling equipment challenges—especially those relating to the environmental and semiconductor fields. In addition to overseeing multiple Airgas equipment facilities, Matthew manages the product line for the Airgas Specialty Gas Equipment Catalog and provides specialty gas equipment training for Airgas associates.

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