Infographic: Five Resources for Women in Welding

Torch in hand, a welder prepares her workpiece in an industrial shop.
Editorial Staff | April 3, 2019

Education, networking and community all lend a hand to creating strong careers for women in manufacturing. Check out these helpful resources if you’re looking to kick start or advance your career in the trades!

Five resources for women in various stages of their careers in welding, including: American Welding Society; National Association for Women in Construction; Women of Gases and Welding Committee; and Girls Garage

All resources listed above:

  1. American Welding Society
  2. Women of Steel
  3. National Association for Women in Construction
  4. The Women of Gases and Welding Committee
  5. Girls Garage

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Karen Gilgenbach

Karen Gilgenbach started in the gas and welding industry in 2003 after completing her undergraduate degree in Engineering Mechanics. She has worked for Airgas as an Account Manager, Radnor Product Manager, Advanced Fabrication Specialist, Weld Process Specialist, and District Manager and is currently the Area Vice President for Airgas West in the LA Basin. She is a former Chairperson for the American Welding Society Milwaukee Section, and current Vice Chair for the AWS D16 committee on robotic welding, and has a Masters of Science in Weld Engineering. Karen is currently pursuing her MBA through Indiana University's online program.