Don’t Let A Contractor Design Your Gas Delivery System

Editorial Staff | November 15, 2017

There are experts for just about everything—but hiring the wrong expert for the job is never a good idea. If your back hurts, you don’t see a mechanic. Dishwasher leaking? Don’t bring in a carpenter. And if your roof has a hole in it, calling animal control won’t do you a whole lot of good.

Lab managers looking to install a gas delivery system for high-purity analytical applications make this kind of mistake all the time. Your gas system needs pipes, right? There seems to be an obvious expert for the job. Take it from Robert Jimenez, National Technical Manager at Airgas, however: Don’t hire a plumber or an air conditioning specialist.

While they may know a thing or two about moving materials through pipes, contractors install systems that don’t take gas purity into consideration. Want to know what mistakes a contractor might make? Want to learn how to avoid them? See the full article for more details. (Article Say ‘No” to Contractor Design originally published for the Winter 2017 issue of Clean Peaks).

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Serving as Airgas’ National Technical Manager, Robert Jimenez draws on more than 21 years of compressed gas experience across multiple market segments and industries. Managing the Design Assistance Program for laboratory planners and designers, Robert travels throughout the country specifying gas delivery equipment to be used with instrumentation and process measurement devices.