You Decide: Are You Ready for Cylinder Management?

Cylinder Management
Editorial Staff | November 1, 2017

Go ahead—ask just about anyone what their operational goals are. It’s a safe bet that their answer will be saving time and controlling costs. Proper cylinder management can help. Every industry that relies on a steady stream of gas, has likely faced issues with managing cylinders including resource allocation, cylinder loss, storage and mode of supply.

Whether your organization is large or small, cylinder management may be just what you need to make sure your supply is uninterrupted. This allows you to focus your attention on the core operations of your business.

The key to good cylinder management, regardless of your industry, is communication. Jason Vetterick, Vice President of Construction Markets at Airgas reminds us, “It all starts with communication. The better the quality of the communications, the more successful the job is and the better the inventory management is.”

Cylinder management can take on many forms and can be provided as an add-on service from your supplier or managed in-house. Basic cylinder management includes monitoring cylinders, placing orders, replenishing inventories, making sure you align the right gases with the proper application and storing your cylinders safely.

If you are unsure that you are ready for cylinder management, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I allocating a lot of resources to constantly manage and move cylinders?
  • How can I prevent loss of use? How do I prevent losing cylinders and paying rent on cylinders that are missing?
  • What cost savings opportunities am I missing out on by purchasing too many or too few cylinders?
  • How can I minimize risks associated with cylinder storage and the logistics of traffic on my site?
  • What impact would a more efficient use of gas have on my business?
  • What potential safety risks could I be exposed to with the way cylinders are currently being managed in my organization?
  • How beneficial would it be if I could minimize the time I spend managing cylinders and focus more on my core business?

Use these questions to get the conversation started and let your suppliers help you implement the cylinder management system that makes the most sense for your organization.


Serving as Airgas’ Key Account Manager - Global Construction Markets, Jason Vetterick deploys forward-thinking solutions for industrial construction and contractor firms. With more than 20 years experience, Jason helps customers across the country implement best-in-class supply chain efficiencies that result in successful project executions.